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We Are the Health Insurance Agency That Offers the Most Suited Policy for You

Talking about the end is often an off-putting subject. However, death is inevitable, and you are wise to prepare for its arrival. Most people just walk around Cypress, TX without a care in the world, but you never know when it’s your last. When that time comes, you want your family to be equipped with financial stability to move forward. If you really want to be full-on ready, you will seek help from a reliable health insurance agency like SHI Health Insurance.


Your Insurance Policy Is an Investment and Protection

You may already have a health insurance policy for your entire family. But that only covers the worries of this reality — while you’re still here. You will be more relieved to know that your family will still be protected even after you’re gone. With a good life insurance policy, you will be able to leave an inheritance for your loved ones. Funeral costs these days are no joke. There are payments for the coffin, cemetery lot, and others. If you want to be cremated, that’s another cost to consider. With a life insurance policy, your family’s savings will still be intact. Your family can even use your life insurance to pay off debts like loans and mortgage payments.


We Are Reliable, Credible, and Detail-Oriented

If you’re looking for a dependable health insurance agency that can take care of your affairs even after you’ve passed away, you are in good hands with us. We thoroughly prepare all the needed paperwork and ensure that you sign every single document that needs to be signed. We also make sure that you have copies of all the documents for your health and life insurance policies. You can always check on us if you want to follow up on the status of your policies. We are ready and always happy to assist you in any way we can.


Getting a life insurance in Cypress, TX is easy when you go with SHI Health Insurance. We take the time to know you so that we can find the policy that best suits your situation. Call us anytime at (832) 481-2875 so that we can set an appointment and discuss the best choices for you.